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I’m Viorel Tulica, San Diego-based, and I have always been interested in staying young and healthy. While we all know sleep, nutrition, supplements and stress reduction are crucial to the overall health of the body, skin care is not always high on men’s priorities list. While researching the better alternatives out there, we found there are only a few brands specifically geared toward men, most having just one or a few active ingredients. They also tend to market their products by relying on digitally altered before and after pictures or on wild claims about seeing major changes right away.

That gave me and my sister, Mihaela Carmen Tulica, who has over 10 years of experience running her own company in the cosmetics field, the initial thought: start a cosmetics company geared toward men, with the first product being a face cream. And not just any face cream, but the best possible one on the market today.

There were 5 essential ideas we wanted to incorporate into this product:

  • It should have the best active ingredients as identified in clinical trials, in the quantities and percentages used in those trials. There should also be enough of these ingredients in order to cover a wide range of issues men’s skin experience over time
  • It should replace multiple products in a complete routine and be very easy to use
  • It should not only treat existing, visible problems but also prevent or delay them
  • It should be made in the USA using cruelty-free ingredients with a high safety threshold
  • It should have fun and interesting but always honest marketing

Once the decision was made, we found an amazing chemist that worked with us every step of the way and an FDA-regulated facility right here in San Diego and we were off!

Almost a year of trials and formulas that were not quite there yet followed. Some ingredients would have been great (looking at you, retinol 😊) but the negatives outweighed the positives and we found better natural alternatives (bakuchiol for example). The marketing plan sloooowly came together. We decided to name it 8+ For Men as there are at least 8 active ingredients in the formula - and also because, let’s face it, our creativity only goes so far. The lab testing came up all positive. A dermatologist tested it. We then tried it on our own skin and on some of our braver friends (we’d obviously never do animal testing of any kind) and the results were pretty damn good. Finally, it was ready!

We set out to create the most effective men’s face cream on the market. We think we have it but now it’s up to you. Take a before picture, study your face and also feel your face with your fingertips. Use 8+ For Men for 2-3 months daily. Then take another picture and check your face again. You will feel and see a positive difference and your face will thank you for it. And if you send us your unretouched before and after pictures and we use them anywhere you’ll get a free bottle of 8+!

Finally, we’re always looking for people with shared values to work with. Open to win-win collabs, working with or to hire people who can bring value to the company. Job titles don’t matter – if you think we could work well together send us an email at
Our values are integrity, kindness, inclusion and innovation - and they matter to us.
Here’s to a healthy, confident and attractive you!
Mihaela Carmen Tulica and Viorel Tulica.